Beautiful Boracay

2 flights, many tricycle rides and a ferry ride later we arrived in Boracay. As soon as we checked into our accommodation we walked straight down to the doctors so Mark could get his foot checked as some of the sea urchin stings were starting to get red and puffy. Turns out though that there isn’t really anything you can do about from cut and pick at each sting without anaesthetic which I could have done myself had Mark let me. We left after Mark got a shot of something and some other prescriptions that came in the form of a scrap piece of paper with the names of the medications on it.

Boracay itself is extremely small when you consider how much they have managed to squeeze onto the island. There are so many hotels here and even more being built. Restaurants and bars are everywhere and so many stalls and shops. It is a lot more touristy than El Nido but it is set up well that we didn’t mind at all. In fact we probably preferred it. If we wanted to be around people we could head in the main part of town, but if we preferred to be by ourselves we just stayed at our accommodation and hung out in the rooftop hammock or patio.

There are so many different beaches here and they are all so picturesque. They are exactly what you see when you google Boracay. I’m glad we came.


We’ve used the past few days here in Boracay as a really laid back and relaxing holiday. The weather here has been so hot that we have been hanging out at our accommodation most mornings and venturing outside for lunch and the afternoon. Andy, one of our hosts told us we were definitely on island time.

You could definitely check out all of the activities on Boracay…We were too relaxed to try anything of the sort
Andy and Stephen have been great throughout our stay and I feel like they have made our time here more enjoyable especially when they invited us to celebrate Stephen’s birthday with them. They had a roast pig, which the locals call a lechon as well as a banquet full of food. It was so nice of them to invite us. The food was amazing and we got cake for desert, which for us backpackers was a real treat. First time in 2 weeks I’ve eaten desert and I love desert!

Yesterday just after breakfast Mark got a message from a guy we met in India inviting us to celebrate Holi Festival with him and his family in Jaipur. In a normal circumstance I wouldn’t rush back to India but we thought it would be a great experience so we spent the morning looking into it. I don’t’ think we will end up going though and the cost is quite huge and some of the experiences from other travellers in previous years haven’t been so positive so I don’t think we will regret not going. We will look into a bit more though before we decide.

love, a very relaxed, B xxx


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  1. Hello my eyes wide open friends. Sounds like the travels continue to offer great experiences and insights to beautiful parts of our planet. Hope Mark’s foot gets better soon and doesn’t impact on your sightseeing. Take care, stay well and safe. Blessings in abundance. Susanxxx


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