Learning English

We had an overnight stop in Ho Chi Minh City so that we could organise ourselves and buy a couple of things we needed. I don’t think either of us expected Ho Chi Minh to offer much in the 24 hours that we were there as we will be going back soon and have been multiple times before. It did however offer up something to us that for some reason we had never experienced there before.

We were walking to a camera shop opposite Ben Tanh Market when we were stopped by a girl around my age asking us if she could speak to us as she was practising her English. When we looked behind her there were groups of Vietnamese students surrounding a number of different foreigners all practising English. We had to make it to the camera shop before it closed so we told her we were be back. I don’t think she believed us because she looked totally surprised when  we walked up to her half an hour later. She quickly sat us down with a couple of people and before we knew it we had people coming and going trying to get a few words it. It was a really nice experience as many of the people were our age and each had a different reason for studying English although all were loosely based around getting a good job.

Mark and I ended up having separate conversations with people. My conversation was around real estate, because go figure, the guy who first started talking to me wanted to work in real estate.I’m not sure what Mark spoke about but apart from really just talking and getting to know them we helped with any words or phrases they were stuck on. At one stage I had my group of 4 repeating the word ‘island’ multiple times each time with the ‘s’ disappearing more and more until it was silent.

We only planned on staying for half an hour, but didn’t end up leaving for an hour and a half, when we checked the time and realised that we had to race and pick up our laundry before the store closed.

We really enjoyed our experience and I honestly don’t know we had never seen the group before, especially considering they meet everyday… Maybe we’ve always just rushed past and never actually noticed.

B xxx


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