The land of fairies, balloons and tranquility

After we first arrived in Turkey and I had a fear we were missing our bags again I was a bit apprehensive about what our experience in Turkey would be like. We got to our hotel just before 11pm, checked in, had some soup for dinner and went to bed. The next morning Mark left to go pick up our hire car while I got ready and packed up. For those back home who have been in the car with Mark know he can be a bit of a crazy driver, not bad, just crazy, so getting into our hire car I was a bit nervous at first because I saw it was a manual and I thought it would be hard enough driving on the other side of the road in an automatic let alone a manual. After a couple of repeated suggestions that he move slightly further away from the cars beside me I think he understood I was a bit nervous and our drive to Göreme quickly turned into a pretty fun experience. We stopped at the service station and picked up your typical road trip food – chips, chocolates and drinks – and before we knew it we arrived in Göreme, thanks mainly to my amazing navigations skills which only cost us 2 wrong turns. This is big for me considering I don’t actually possess any sense of direction whatsoever and I can get lost driving around my local streets back home.

Göreme was amazing. I am actually lost for words trying to describe the town in Cappadocia. It was a quiet town with the nicest people, people who loved Aussies which was a bonus for us. We were told that years ago the town was filled with Australians and a lot of the locals learnt to speak English from them which resulted in them speaking with an Aussie accent. So many people from Göreme had travelled to Australia or had family there that we were quite amazed. The locals said that these days they don’t see as many Australians as they used to, one guy said that it was because our entire population had already been so they weren’t coming back – I think he was trying to emphasise just how many Australians used to be there.

Of course you can’t visit Cappadocia without doing a hot air balloon ride and we didn’t miss the opportunity to. We got picked up at 5am the morning of our hot air balloon flight and taken to have some breakfast before hand and of course some tea, you can’t go anywhere in Turkey without having some tea. The balloon ride itself was beautiful. We watched the sun rise while just floating in the air, it’s in unusual feeling when you look around and see all of the other balloons just staying still in mid air and then realise that you are doing the same.


Such a magical experience

Besides the hot air balloon ride we went on a huge walk through the valleys there. We kept passing groups of children who we figured were on a school camp or excursion and were clearly not dressed properly for the walk. I did feel sorry for some of them as the water running through some of the paths had made them super muddy. Our legs were long enough that we could pretty much step over them or jump sightly if we needed, but for some of the kids that just wasn’t possible, with one girl actually stepping into a stream of mud and sinking down past her white shoes and up past her ankles. We probably shouldn’t have laughed because a few minutes later some other kids came running and splattered mud all over us. Karma got us.



One of the many views from our walk.

The next few days for us will be spent road-tripping through Turkey checking out as much as we can. Until our next stop, B. xxx


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