I’m going for a swim

“I’m going for a swim” is a sentence most people will generally never hear me say. If people ask if I want to go for a swim I might say yes, but rarely do I ever think about it myself. I love the water but it’s needs to be extremely hot weather for me to go in – I just get cold easily. So I wish I could have filmed the look on Mark’s face when I walked out, towel in hand and announced I was going for a swim in the pool.We treated ourselves and booked a nice Trullo House in Cisternino, 15 minutes from Ostuni, which had an amazing pool and with the weather being so hot I went for a swim every day. Shock I know!

Our Trullo House at night

Apart from going for a swim everyday we went out most days for a drive to check out beaches or other towns. On one particular day we woke up early as we had planned to go for an hour long drive to a beach west of where we were staying, but us being us, we snoozed our alarm and slept for another hour and then when we did get up we took our sweet ass time getting ready because “Hey, we’re on holiday so who cares”. Turns out we should have cared a bit more because by the time we got to the beach, clouds as dark as charcoal rolled in bringing with them sheets of rain and ferocious winds. We sat at a beach side cafe eating our paninis, before jumping back in the car and driving to Gallipoli (not the Gallipoli in Turkey) where it was not raining and in fact really hot. By this stage we both wanted a drink so we ordered some wine and sat in the sun before deciding that we should just head back to our trullo and sit by the pool.

Gallipoli was beautiful especially after we escaped a torrential downpour
Leaving Gallipoli for this was not such a bad idea, a swim and more food 🙂

One of the downsides to staying in old style accommodation is often the height of the ceilings. In our trullo one of the corridor ceilings was really low, I could walk through without hitting my head while Mark had to tilt his head to walk through. Karma did get me though when I laughed at him for hitting his head and the next day while I was walking with my wet hair wrapped up in a towel it got caught and snapped my head back.

Our time here has been very relaxing. It was the first time in a while where we didn’t have any major plans nor did we have to see anyone so we could relax as much as we wanted. It was the perfect end to our time in Italy as we’re on our way to Malta for hopefully some more nice weather but not as much relaxing! Italy has been amazing though and by now it has become really easy for us to be here. We have seen so much of Italy that we can easily understand the differences and can compare. We feel like we are pros.

much love, the Italians – B & Mark xxx



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