Van life

We spent a few days snowboarding and enjoying ourselves before heading to Calgary to meet up with our friends and pick up our search for a van. We spent a week looking for one online and were unable to find anything in our budget that looked like it would last the journey of more than 15,000km through North America. Eventually we increased our budget and spent a week going to check out some vans in person. Each time we would go to see one, we would get back and discuss it, call or message the person selling it only to be told it had been sold. Sometimes we would call to be told it had just been sold. It was a real spirit crushing exercise and after 2 weeks of being at our friends’ house we eventually found a van to buy. We had now been back in Canada for 3 weeks and had only just found and had our offer accepted for a van. We had originally planned to have left already and we were only just starting the process. Over the 2 weeks of searching Mark had discovered that our friends weren’t able to register the van for us without there being a risk to their insurance premiums should we be in an accident so he discovered that we could buy and register a vehicle in British Colombia not Alberta which was where our friends lived. After he had sorted all of this out we went and paid for the van and drove 4 hours across the border into BC where we stayed overnight and had the van inspected, registered and insured. We were relieved. We finally owned a van that we could turn into our home for the next 3-4 months.


Renovating the van turned out to be a lot harder and more expensive than we first thought. We are so happy with the results though. We insulated the walls, roof and floor, boarded the walls and roof up, built a bed with storage, installed kitchen cupboards and a fridge and then painted the walls and roof and installed flooring. This type of thing is something that neither Mark or I have ever done before and although it wasn’t easy and it put strain on us we finally finished it and can’t wait to begin our journey. Lets hope that after all of this we don’t kill each other living out of such a small space!






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