Should I stay or should I go?

I can remember when I was younger making promises with so many people that we would travel the world together. I was desperate to go away so I thought that the more people I made promises with the better chance I would have of one of the promises following through. I never thought about going by myself. I’ve read that people say you grow so much from travelling on your own but it never appealed to me – I always wanted to have someone I could share the whole experience with.

My cousin was one of the people I made that promise with and when he went away with his girlfriend in 2012 I was so jealous. He had found someone who was going to leave everything behind and travel with him for as long as they could. Mark and I had spoken about doing what they were doing but we both had good jobs and it wasn’t like we were sitting at home not seeing anything. We were going away as often as possible but there was always just this itching feeling that I needed to go away.

At the end of 2014 we decided we would go away, I should say we were telling our families we were going to go but I don’t know if even we thought we would – I mean we were at this stage saving and looking for a house to buy! God – we sound so indecisive…

It’s now October and we have both given notice at work and are taking all the money we saved for a house and are going to travel the world. Finally! Decision and action from us. It’s all a bit daunting but much more exciting! we are both so excited and I can’t wait to share our trip with you.

Cheers, B


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