Decision Making

I think it’s hard in today’s society to drop everything and go. It’s not an issue of whether you want to or not it’s more an issue of if you think you can. We had to stop and think about it all. We had worked really hard to save up for a house; could we just leave and spend all of our hard earned savings? Friends of ours were getting married and moving into their own places; did we want to postpone all of that? Some were having babies; how old would we be when we got back? Would it be too late?

We had to stop ourselves and actually think about it. No, we didn’t actually care if we spent all of our money on a trip of a lifetime, actually we wanted to. Yes, we did want to postpone moving into our own place and starting our lives together, a 30 year long mortgage scared us. And finally no, we wouldn’t be too old when we got back, in fact we would still be super young. We had the rest of our lives to pay bills and worry about money, but we only had now to decide if we were going to do what would make us happy.

And so that is how we decided to go away… We looked at everyone around us and said “Is that what we want?” “Yes it’s what we want” “Do we want it right now?” “No”.

We live in a materialistic world these days and we are hoping that this trip will remind us of what is important in life and what is important to us.

But now on to an even more important question… Where should we go?


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