First stop: Singapore

We were at Melbourne International Airport yesterday morning and flew to Singapore so we could spend 24 hours relaxing before the madness began. I love Singapore but I’ve never spent longer than 48 hours here. I love how clean and systematic everything is. The MRT, Singapore’s train network is one of my favourites and compared to the trains in Melbourne they seem so futuristic – it amazes me how well they work.

We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel which I would think is the most well known here in Singapore. When you look at the building it does seem really impressive but I just wasn’t feeling it. The building is amazing, the pool is great and the bar reminds me of Melbourne only more expensive. We got a beer and a cocktail for S$50.00! There are so many people staying at the hotel that there are lines for everything but the staff there are so used to it they manage it really well.

IMG_4266 copy

We didn’t eat dinner at the hotel. We walked to Makansutra Gluttons Bay and ate at the food stalls there. We ordered roast chicken, rice and dumplings for S$8, Chinese broccoli for S$6, Spring rolls for S$10 and drinks for S$6. We were super happy with our find especially compared to our drink order at the bar at the hotel. I would highly recommend stopping by the food stalls one night for dinner, even just to sit down for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere (usually kicks off from 6pm).

IMG_4267 copy

We are at the airport now waiting for our flight to New Delhi, India. We’ve already had a Hydralyte each and have been on malaria tablets for a few days now… and Mark just walked off to buy some Imodium tablets. As Mark says “Plan for the worst & hope for the best.”



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