Time is up.

The last couple of months have flown by so quickly, so quickly in fact that for the last 2 weeks leading up to our first flight I was so anxious and stressed. Mark finished work just over 10 days before I did so he had spent that time before Christmas looking into things we need, updating our finance spread sheet, catching up with people and doing some things he loved to do. I felt like I didn’t had that luxury, I worked up until my work Christmas party on the 22nd and then spent the next 2 days trying to make sure we had everything sorted for Christmas and our trip. I normally love Christmas but this year it was a bit of a blur but I’m glad we were home to spend it with our families. We fly out tomorrow morning for the first leg of our trip.

This first leg of our trip is over in less than 2 months and then we fly back to Melbourne for a Mark’s Brother’s wedding. It will be good to use that time to see people and re-pack properly before the second leg. To us, this first leg is just like a long holiday, although I think that will make it difficult because we still need to act like we are backpacking and are on a tight budget. I don’t think the budget part will be very difficult as we are spending the whole time in Asia. We’ve got our bags packed and clothes laid out ready for tomorrow morning. Let’s hope we don’t sleep through our alarms on the first day of our trip.

B xx


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