Sun, Sand & Saree

Ahh Goa. How I love you.

The train ride from Mumbai to Goa was pretty uneventful. I only slept about 3 hours because one of the downsides to being in a space that contains over 50 beds is that some people snore, and some people snore really loud. The train was delayed by 2 hours but apparently that’s not uncommon. A plus of getting on in Mumbai is that it’s the first point of call for that particular line and because it’s first point of the train gets cleaned. When we got on it smelt of bleach and disinfectant. I loved it.

Goa is just what we wanted. Quiet place to sit on the beach, eat, drink and tan. It’s what we have been doing the past few days. We’ve found a nice little beach shack called ‘Sun and Sand’ and as we walk in everyday they say “Hello Mark” and his reply is the typical Aussie “Hey Mate” they then laugh and bring us a menu. For Christmas Mark got a Aerobie frisbee which has kept us entertained every afternoon.



One of the things we’ve noticed about Goa is the local dogs. They have been everywhere we’ve stopped in India but have never paid any attention to people. It’s different here in Goa, they follow you here and bark at you and growl. The other night as we were walking back from dinner this cute little dog started following us which was ok because it was cute but then it started to attract the attention of the other dogs. I didn’t like this as all I could think of was rabies. I had my rabies shots back home but was trying to remember what the doctor told us if we ever got bit. And then of course my mind was running… “Where was the hospital here, was it clean?” “would they use clean needles to give me a shot or would I have to pay extra for that?” And then to bring me back from my paranoia a dog started growling and charging at us. I was glad to get back to our hotel without a trip to the hospital.

In other parts of India we didn’t really see any kids trying to sell us anything, they would ask for money but wouldn’t sell us anything. It’s different here. There are kids everywhere trying to sell you something. They walk around in groups mainly trying to sell jewellery. The youngest we’ve met is a 3 year old who seemed to only know the same sentences which he kept repeating but after a while I showed him how to take a selfie with my phone and he laughed and smiled and wanted more. He was acting just how a little kid should be and it was nice to see him smile.


It will be sad to leave here but we’ve got a little while left in India and we still haven’t made it to the Taj Mahal yet.



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