Clean clothes

It is so nice to have clean clothes. Back in Aurangabad I had hand washed some clothes in the sink so I was looking forward to having a few days somewhere where we could go get our clothes washed. Goa was this place.

Everyday on our way to the beach we would walk through a curve in the road which had washing lines everywhere with clean clothes on them to dry. We dropped our things off here when we arrived in Goa and picked them up this afternoon.

If you are in Candolim, Goa I would recommend going to see Ashu. He is a lovely man that charges what we thought was a minimal amount to wash and dry your clothes. 20Rupee for large items (AUD$0.50) and 10Rupee for small items (AUD$0.25).

If in Candolim, you need to be on Fort Aguada Road and turn up onto Bypass to Siquirem, if you keep walking up this road you can’t miss the washing lines – you can see them from down the road.

Our clothes were neatly folded in a pile when we walked into his workshop and he picked up our clothes so delicately it was as if he was picking up a baby. We happily paid him 300Rupee and took this photo of him which he was happy and super proud to stand for.


it’s the simple things…. B xx


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