I’m more enlightened than you

We arrived in Kochi, surprisingly only half an hour behind schedule, considering we were delayed by over 2 and a half hours. I didn’t sleep the best on the train which has so far been normal and ok. It doesn’t really bother me. What did grind my gears a bit this time was that before we had arrived I had a train worker grab at my foot and shake me. He wanted me to give back the sheets, pillow and blanket you get given on the train, so as I was slowly unwrapping myself from my cocoon sheet I realised he had already started to pull the train sheet out from underneath me. He meant business.

Before we left for our trip we did a quick last minute shop at Kathmandu. A spare of the moment purchase of 2 cotton sleeping bag liners have been the best thing we’ve had with us this trip. Not just because it means we can be covered in our own sheet and not the ones the trains give us (we make up the bed with them as a protection so that our sleeping bag liners don’t get dirty – you can laugh at us – I do) but it also means that when we go to a hotel and realise that there are no sheets or blankets for us we can use our own.

This happened to us last night as we were getting ready for bed. After we had packed our bags ready for an early car trip to the airport we realised there wasn’t anything to cover us while we slept. I didn’t think this would be a problem as it’s super hot in Fort Kochi anyway but while we were trying to get to sleep Mark got up to get his own sheet to protect himself from the mosquitos. I then got worried that Mark would be protected and then I would be left vulnerable to the mosquitos. So of course, I got up and got mine. I fell asleep soon after thanks to our sleeping bag liners.

Excuse the terrible photo, this was taken at 4am when we got up and realised how funny we looked.

Kochi was pretty laid back, we visited an old synagogue and old church while there and otherwise just walked around and chilled out. You can get good seafood in Kochi, so we tried to eat as much seafood as possible.

Mark noted, and commented a few times that the people in Kochi all looked like and acted like they were trying to out do each other. Below is his first input to the blog…

Everyone there is always trying to be more hardcore hippie than the previous. Every conversation we overheard or we were involved in was “I felt this” and “I feel that” “I believe this” “I believe in that”. And there we were watching stupid things on YouTube. Most of these people were mid to late 20 year old females who had broken up with their boyfriends and were now trying to ‘find themselves’ in the Spiritual land of India. Happy hunting lads.

We are at the airport now waiting for our flight to Bangalore- you can get 3o minutes free wifi if you’ve got an Indian mobile number. Luckily we bought a sim card back in Goa. One thing that surprised me about India was how terrible the internet is here. Finding half decent wifi makes us so happy now.



One Reply to “I’m more enlightened than you”

  1. Bianca & Mark so wonderful to hear more – you Honcho sounds terrific and as we have both said a great tour guide really makes a trip. The train rides sound like something out of a thriller or action movie. If you decide to go to Turkey keep those extra inner sheets as you will definitely need them. Loved the photo of Ashu who washed your clothes in Goa. Take care and enjoy Susan


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