It’s amazing how much of a difference an airport makes to first impressions. Bangalore’s airport is so clean and new I had a great first impression. When we walked out to the city bus line and got on the bus it was so clean and new as well. 20 points for Griffandor, I mean Bangalore. (Sorry, I watched Harry Potter for the millionth time last night) as we got closer to the city it started to look a lot like the rest of India has so far.

Our hotel is super simple and is in a part of town called Majestic, (I would say it is anything but majestic) however, our hotel has probably the best water pressure and heat we’ve come across so far in our stay in India. One thing I’ve noticed as well is that from afar everything looks clean and neat, as you get closer though you realise that it’s not as clean as you thought and you begin to question what level on sanitisation you will need to provide yourself. That’s not just here, it’s been everywhere.

I like it here though. Yesterday we went to Toit, a micro brewery which was good. I would recommend it if you ever happen to find yourself in Bangalore, however do expect crowds and a wait. We were so tired though after getting up early and flying here that we didn’t do much last night – I watched Harry Potter and Mark slowly began to watch it as well!

Today was good. We slept in, had super long showers under nice hot water and then went out for the day. We went to a cake shop first which I compare to an Italian one back home. The one back home has a name but we just call it Lina’s. Whenever an order has been put through at Lina’s Mark always offers to go pick it up. He has learnt to take the money mum gives him for the cake and use the change to buy himself a coffee and cannoli. We know to never expect him back in under an hour. The cake shop today was the Indian version. We got ourselves a piece of cake each and then bought a few small deserts to try. They had very interesting tastes and were really sweet. Not that I’m a chef or anything but it seems like they use a lot of almond meal, sugar and butter. I’m probably wrong though.

To work off the cakes we ate we thought we would walk to Bangalore Palace. We didn’t. We got a tuk-tuk instead. The Palace looked really amazing from the front. I would live there if I could, not that I know what it was like on the inside. We walked in and then realised we couldn’t go any further unless we bought a ticket and we couldn’t be bothered spending 460Rupee (AUD$11.50) each to stay inside on such a nice day so we smiled and left. I imagine it would be nice inside if you’ve got the time.



From here we walked to a pub which, when we walked inside we were told was closed even though there were tables of people in there. This is like one of those times when you feel like you’re not cool enough to be somewhere. Anyway, a couple of levels up there is another pub. Beers were cheap, food was good and cheap. We stayed for hours. We were so happy we found this one and it seemed much better than the other one downstairs and even better than the one we went to yesterday. While there we got speaking to the manager who was super helpful  and told us a few tips and tricks, one of them being India’s version of Uber, Olacabs. They have Uber in India but he said that Olacabs was more prominent in Bangalore so we signed up then and there and gave it a try. We paid the same as what we would have probably been charged in a tuk-tuk and were in a car with proper windows and doors which meant we didn’t have to cover our noses and mouths from the dust and fumes which we do in a tuk-tuk.

image1 copy.jpg
Our normal get-up for a tuk-tuk ride

On our way back to our hotel we stopped at the market so I could buy myself some kameez to wear to fit in with the locals. I don’t know what they will look like on but I’ll be sure to laugh at myself if I look hilarious.

We are off to Delhi tomorrow and only have a few more days left in India. It’s taken me, and Mark, a lot longer to adjust here than it normally does when we travel. Normally we can adjust to another country within a couple of days whereas here it took so much longer, and now that we have adjusted we will be leaving. We have a lot of sightseeing to do in the next couple of days and I’m glad we are seeing them at the end of our stay. I feel like we will appreciate them more…

Until next time, B xxx



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