Who would have thought

Who would have thought a country could be so quiet.

Laos is so peaceful we actually felt that at sometimes we needed to whisper when walking along the street. Both Mark and I fell in love with this place straight away. There isn’t a whole lot to do if you exclude seeing temples but it doesn’t seem to matter, the days slowly move from one to another. 

We arrived in the capital, Vientiane on Sunday and didn’t do much. We walked around the city, ate and then went back to our hostel where we met an Israeli traveller who had just spent a few months in Australia and New Zealand. It was interesting to hear what someone thought of travelling through Australia and then to get a few tips on places to see when we are in Israel. 

After dinner we went to the night market which would have to have been the quietest market I’ve ever been to. It sells pretty much the same things as the rest of the markets in Asia but there were a few street performers which were cool, especially one from Japan. 

Flying out to Luang Prabang on Monday morning gave us more time to play monopoly as our flight was delayed by a couple of hours (I’ve never experienced this many flight delays than I have this past month). I’ve noticed that Mark is happy to play when he’s winning or when it looks like he can win. We stopped playing when he had to mortgage most of his houses to pay me rent. 

Yesterday apart from the usual walking around and eating we got a tuk-tuk out to Kuang Si Falls. They were simply breathtaking. I don’t know if the picture below does it justice but Mark spent ages trying to get the best photo. I think he did alright. 

Waterfall 2

I’m glad I read up on the falls before we went because apart from the shock at how cold the water was there were fish attacking my feet. I read that they were the same ones you can find at beauty spas that eat all of the dead skin off your feet. I didn’t actually think I would experience them but it happened straight away and I freaked out (just a little) until I remembered what they were. These falls were definitely the highlight of Laos and you must go if you are ever in Luang Prabang. 

Laos has a huge French and Vietnamese influence which really makes the country, or what we’ve seen of it. I’m really happy with the time we have spent here and hope to be back but right now we are waiting for yet another plane to take us to Hanoi, Vietnam.

B xxx


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