Buckets in Bangkok

I’ve been to Thailand before but never actually stayed in Bangkok. It was a welcome change from India and it was nice to be able to get our clothes washed again and from Mark’s perspective have easy access to cheap beers.

We arrived in Bangkok a couple of days ago and after delays getting out of Delhi it was nice to be somewhere to chill out.

On our first night we were super tired so had an early night but I woke up in the middle of the night all itchy and found Mark was awake too. After turning on the light we soon discovered we were covered in mosquito bites, and we also discovered the huge hole in the wall beside the bed. I assume this was how the mosquito/s got in. I don’t do too well with bugs and insects so slept pretty restlessly after that, thinking a huge spider was going to come and get me. To try and get rid of any bugs in the room we turned the air conditioner on full blast, assuming they didn’t like the cold… it seemed to have worked.

Yesterday we wandered around the city not really doing much and went back to our street side restaurant for lunch and beers. After a small nap (I love my naps) we went back out for some more food and drinks or as they are called in Bangkok, buckets. Mark and I thought it would be a good idea to just share one bucket and then have some beers. 3 buckets later it’s safe to say I had a good night and was feeling a bit queasy at 5.30 this morning when we had to wake up.


It’s freezing cold here at the airport and I get the feeling our plane to Laos is going to be delayed so I’m going to go and find some food and juice.

Until Laos, B xxx


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