I left my heart to the sappers ’round Khe Sahn

We arrived here in Hue on Thursday after being on a train for about 24 hours which was pretty much the usual train ride except I got given a baby, luckily, not to keep though… When we first got on the train there was a lady and I assume her baby in our carriage. He was wearing so many layers that he couldn’t move and he looked so cute! Once she removed his number of jackets she handed him to me and then got off the train. Just like that. I laughed at first and then got a bit nervous as I noticed she was walking towards the exit on the platform… She came back shortly after and I was glad to hand her baby back to her. Apart from that we slept, read and watched a movie during our journey.

It’s our first time here in Hue and it feels like such an ancient city which probably explains why visiting the Imperial City is one of the top things to do here. We went to see it yesterday. For such an overcast day it was nice to be able to see so much colour in one place. We’ve both been to a number of ancient cities throughout Asia but we still like to go and see them if we can. They are always so different even if on the exterior they just look the same.

hue 1

I think I’ve mentioned it before but we aren’t really tour people. It’s not just the cost associated with them, we’ve worked out that it’s being on someone else’s time that we don’t like. We don’t like being told when we have to be somewhere, what we have to stop to take a photo of or what we have to look at. We also don’t like being dragged around for hours when we could have finished earlier. In saying all of that though we booked ourselves to go on a tour. Mind you we didn’t really read what it was we simply read the main attraction and thought it would be interesting – the DMZ.

We thought the DMZ would be interesting, however we didn’t quite realise how far away it was from the city. A couple hours later we arrived in Khe Sanh where we walked through the small museum there. I don’t know if museum is quite the right word as it was more a humble reminder of what happened there during the Vietnam War. It’s also slightly confusing and points to the fact both America and Vietnam claim victory from the battle in Khe Sanh, but how can both claim victory? Simply from the way both countries teach the younger generations about their versions. It seems so wrong but I guess when you think about it, this type of things happens everywhere. While in Khe Sanh I couldn’t help but remember that classic Cold Chisel song. After that it was stuck in my head for hours.

On the bus ride back we stopped at the Vĩnh Mốc tunnels to see how the locals survived and lived during the war. I quickly found out that I don’t like dark underground spaces and was glad to get out of there as quickly as possible. Mark found this quite amusing especially when we were just standing around underground doing nothing. I was amazed though at how our guide was able to wear small heels as she guided us through the levels of underground spaces.

We just got back to our hotel from a day walking around and are waiting to catch yet another train to Nha Trang. We met some locals today who invited us to their house for beers. We thought they could speak English but they couldn’t and we don’t speak Vietnamese so I sat with a laptop on my lap and typed conversations into Google translate. After an hour there we were starving so began our walk back and on the way we stopped into a pub to eat which was due to show the Australian Open live so we hung around and watched Djokovic beat Murray quite convincingly. I also watched Mark get hustled by a waitress at pool. He won both games but I have the slight feeling she let him win.




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