We meet again Nha Trang

It’s so hot here in Nha Trang. I love it. This is my third time here, Mark’s second and I oddly find myself relishing in the fact that I know what it’s like here. I normally love experiencing new places but it was nice to arrive somewhere and know what to expect.

The walk from the train station to our hotel was a bit full on in the heat but we made it eventually and I downed a whole bottle of water as soon as we got to reception. It’s a bit frustrating though when you’ve walked for half an hour in the heat and arrive at the hotel to check in to find that they’ve checked you into a dorm. We’ve spent 3 days here so far and are super relaxed.

My brother Chris and his girlfriend Jess arrive here tomorrow afternoon from Hoi An and it will be nice to see some familiar faces. We’ve not really done anything the past few days as we are waiting for them to arrive and it would be pointless to go and do something only to go do it again with them. That’s probably not the only reason why we haven’t done anything, the other reason is probably because we just haven’t cared that we we’ve been doing. We’re ok with doing absolutely nothing and that’s unusual for us but a relief. We are finally truly relaxed. Yay!

much love, (a very relaxed) B


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