Goodbye Vietnam

I thought Nha Trang was hot. Ho Chi Minh is even hotter.

After arriving at 4.30am yesterday and getting a cab to take us to our hotel we weren’t too impressed when we arrived and the hotel had double booked and given our room to someone else. After a few frantic calls from their end they organised another room at their ‘sister’ hotel and we walked there, got our key and slept for 4 hours. It was a decent solid sleep and if we didn’t sleep I can just imagine how angry the 4 of us would be, especially after our train ride. Which was non-eventful for me and Mark but a first time for Chris and Jess.

Chris and Jess were leaving in the afternoon so we went to Ben Than Market for them to get their last minute shopping in. Unfortunately, the market was closed for Tet Holiday so we wandered the streets and found a few stalls for them to buy some shoes and souvenirs for family.

The one thing I didn’t realise about the Tet Holiday is just how long everything is closed for. I really wanted to take them to eat at my favourite restaurant in Ho Chi Minh but after driving for half an hour in search of it, we realised we had already passed it and it was closed. We then asked our taxi driver where we could eat and Chris jokingly said “Imagine he says McDonalds”, well sure enough, after a few calls to his friends he suggested “McDonalds?”. How could we say no to that? It did seem like fate after all. After a large quarter pounder meal with a free apple pie, Chris and Jess got a taxi to the airport and that was the end of their trip. A seemingly quite end to what I think was a rather enjoyable trip for them.

Mark and I wandered around for a bit like we normally do and then ate our usual plate of fried rice, stir fried morning glory and spring rolls and enjoyed our last night away.

Today we didn’t do much apart from more walking and eating while we waited around to go to the airport.

Now that we are at the airport I’ve been thinking of our time away and have so far really enjoyed where we have been. Some places have been very testing but overall I’ve loved it and I can only dream about what the next part of our trip will be like. We do have a whole 2 weeks back home in Melbourne with so much to do, I don’t think I will be thinking about the next part until we are on a plane flying to Manila.

I hope those who have been following our trip have enjoyed it so far and I’m looking forward to sharing the next year with you all.

Mark says hey as well!



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