*knock, knock* “House keeping”

So Chris and Jess arrived on Thursday and it was the oddest thing. We didn’t hug them or kiss them hello we just kind of smiled at them. They walked into our room, sat down and we talked and shared stories just like back home. I think something like that only happens when you are really comfortable with people. It was nice. Chris also thought it would be funny to continue everyday after they arrived to knock on our door and yell “house keeping” he also thought it would be funny to yell “come in, it’s open” when we knocked on their door. We combated this by constantly ringing their door bell to drown out the sound.

We’ve seen and done heaps of things while they’ve been here, things I’ve seen before and things I haven’t. Of course we saw the temples here in Nha Trang. After a while things do start to look the same but I always think it’s important to go and look anyway. I’ve learnt that we don’t need hours to look at most attractions while we travel but each place, no matter how similar to the previous is still different and I like knowing I had the opportunity to see those differences for myself.

Apart from seeing the sites here in Nha Trang we’ve been trying to tan in any bit of sunlight we get. It was a bit overcast the other day and I’m constantly reminded by Mark and Chris that it was a lot sunnier that I think but that’s besides the point. I got so burnt while I was reading that I was barely able to walk the next day which is the same day we decided to go to look at yet another waterfall – Ba Ho Waterfall. I was so sore that I considered not going but I’m glad I did. That’s not saying getting to them was easy. Yes there were red arrows painted on the rocks showing which direction to go, but it’s a bit hard when one rock has 3 different arrows pointing in all different directions. We had to turn around a few times but once we made it the water was amazing and the view was just as good. I’m glad I toughened up and went.

Ohh we have friends this time!

It was Lunar New Year on Sunday night and we really shouldn’t have left dinner so late – so many restaurants were closing early because of all of the celebrations but our Italian favourite was opened. The boys were definitely happy with the outcome and stuffed their faces with pizza, acting as if they hadn’t had one in year when in fact they had one the night before. Tet (Lunar New Year) is the major celebration for Vietnamese and there were people everywhere. The city square had been set up with a stage, decorations and was packed. We didn’t stay for long as we were constantly being pushed from pillar to post, but we were able to watch from Chris and Jess’ hotel room. To get into the spirit of things we ordered cocktails and a cheese platter on room service and played Monopoly while we waited for the fireworks, which in the end were simply amazing. They went on for a good 15 minutes and while the Vietnamese were celebrating the end of the year and start of the new year, Mark and I were in a way celebrating the end of the first leg of our trip. It was a fitting end for us.

Yesterday we took the cable car across to Vinpearl Island, something I had never done on my previous visits to Nha Trang. We were all pleasantly surprised. It was super quiet because of new year so we went on pretty much all of the rides and even waited over an hour for the Apline Coaster at the end of the day. After the ride we wandered over to the cable cars only to find a massive long line. You should have seen us. First Mark realised that there was a ferry leaving at 5pm on the other end of the amusement park. Then we all checked the time – it was 4.55pm. Then we all looked at each other and ran. There was no way we were lining up again for an hour just because we missed the ferry. Turns out that just because they say it leaves at 5pm doesn’t necessarily mean it does, so we sat on the ferry for 15 minutes waiting for it to leave.

I’m still learning how to use the GoPro.

We’re sitting at our hotel lobby now waiting to go to the train station (we are getting a taxi this time) and waiting for Jess and Chris to experience their first overnight train. Mark and I are waiting to see what they think of the whole overnight train thing. I think it will be slightly amusing.

Cheers 🙂


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