A free bed you say?

I mentioned previously how much Mark and I love Vietnam and how we were looking forward to spending 2 weeks exploring places we had never been before. That isn’t the case anymore. I’m still surprised by how quickly our plans can change while on the road. Mark got a call 3 days ago from a friend in China asking where we were and once Mark told him we were in Vietnam, he asked if we would mind going to Shanghai for a few days? We didn’t have any plans so checked the flights, and there are of course direct flights from Ho Chi Minh to Shanghai and there are also flights stopping in Hong Kong. I love both Shanghai and Hong Kong so we’ve decided to spend a few days in Hong Kong and a few in Shanghai before coming back to Ho Chi Minh. If I thought I would never be back to Vietnam I would have asked Mark if we could stay but I know that we will definitely be back so off we go. Who can pass up a free bed in Shanghai?

I think another reason we decided to go was because we’ve spent the last few days so relaxed in Mui Ne that we both secretly wanted to be amongst the hustle and bustle of a big city. Mui Ne has been amazing. When we first arrived at our hotel here after a 4 hour bus ride and 2km walk in the blaring hear the receptionist asked if we were interested in picking between 2 rooms – one in their budget hotel and one in their nicer hotel. Of course we were interested! So Mark ran off and picked the nicer room which as you could have guessed was not in the budget hotel so then after getting to our room we thought it was just a great start to Mui Ne that we should surely stay another 2 nights here especially when they would give us the room at the cheaper rate. I simply thought we were winning at life.

3 of our 5 days in Mui Ne were spent at the beach in the afternoons while Mark learnt to kiteboard and I read a couple books. 2 of our 5 days in Mui Ne were spent exploring the sites on offer. Quad biking on the white sand dunes at sunrise, wandering through the fairy creek, observing the fishing village and admiring the overall feel of Mui Ne. A place I think has the feel of an island but with access from the mainland.


4 of our 4 nights in Mui Ne were spent down the road from our hotel at a small restaurant that offered the most amazing passion fruit mojitos which are my favorite.

I’m so content right now I feel ill just leave it there… Love B xxx


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