Same same but different

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. We’ve been traveling through Hong Kong and Shanghai as the last stops of our time in Asia. I find both cities quite amazing places, they are very similar to each other.

Our days in Hong Kong were spent traveling on the metro, shopping and eating dim sum at Tim Ho Wan – a Michelin star dim sum restaurant that doesn’t cost you and arm and a leg. If you ever go to Hong Kong you must go to one of the restaurants at least once! Hong Kong isn’t cheap though and it was fascinating to see how quickly we could spend our money. Of course we couldn’t miss going to Disneyland which I can only describe as the happiest place on earth. I think I actually skipped down the entrance.

FullSizeRender copy

It was in Hong Kong though that stomach pains I had started getting in Vietnam were getting worse and worse.

We got to Shanghai after spending a couple of days in Hong Kong and Mark spent our first day there catching up with his friend while I declined and thought I would just stay in our room to relax, after all the pains seemed to have disappeared but I got really tired suddenly. Just before we left to go to dinner that night the pain was so bad that Mark took me to the hospital. The nurses there were so lovely and although it took them a couple of attempts they managed to get me onto an IV line. They kept saying I was “very thin and arms very small”. Why thank you Olivia Yen for that compliment. I don’t think it dawned on her though that she was in fact half the size of me. I’ll take it though πŸ™‚

After being hooked up to this IV for hours while they pumped fluids and antibiotics into me we were able to leave and go back and I think I slept for a solid 10 hours. The next couple of days were spent with me recovering from the infection in my abdomen while also battling food poisoning from my lunch one day. It was a rough couple of days.

I was disappointed our time in Shanghai turned out the way it did especially because Mark was by my side most of the time keeping an eye on me but as I write this I am sitting on a plane that has been delayed leaving Ho Chi Minh and I’ve eaten a whole bowl of Pho soup so I think I’m on the mend!!

The next time you hear from me we will be in Europe! Until then, B xxx


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