First, you’ll need a World Map

I bought my World Map years ago when we were planning our Trans-Siberian Trip and to be honest I never really used it, I just hung it up on the wall. Now, a couple of years later it is becoming useful.

My World Map & Lonely Plant 'The World'  Travel Guide
My World Map & Lonely Planet ‘The World’ Travel Guide

There are so many places in the world that I want to visit and at the beginning I was really stubborn. Mark was willing to negotiate on The Places We would go but I was struggling with that idea. Eventually though I had to start culling. Once I started it wasn’t too difficult but that was because I had a list of non-negotiable places.

Mark has done a lot of the work on this trip, he travels so much for work he is now so good at taking into account so many different things for a trip. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without him. We’ve planned up until June so far. There are weeks throughout that time that we have an idea on what we want to do but we haven’t booked anything and other things have been booked and paid for. The only reason we have booked so far in advance for some places is because of the visa requirements of some countries.

We are pretty happy with what we have planned so far and can’t wait to share all of The Places We visit along the way. At the moment though we are stuck in Australia while our passports visit several embassies and consulates for our visas.

Stay tuned… B



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