Golden Triangle

When we arrived in Delhi from Bangalore on Monday we walked to our hotel and one thing I’m starting to realise is that the nicer hotels have better pillows. At the Holiday Inn at Delhi International Airport they have a pillow menu. They give you the option of soft or firm pillows, I picked firm and would have happily fought Mark for it but luckily they provided 2 of each. Pillows alone can change my entire mood. I had the best night’s sleep in Delhi and woke up nice and rejuvenated.

Before we came to India I always thought the Taj Mahal was in Delhi, but it’s not. It’s about 4 hours away in Agra, so we hired a driver who arrived Tuesday morning and we left in the morning and arrived in Agra at 12.00pm.

Before going to see the Taj Mahal we went to see Agra Fort which was quite amazing, but the Taj Mahal is just something else. It was quite surreal standing there and looking at it. While standing there I thought “I’ve made it to the Taj Mahal”. I tried to stand there for as long as possible to take it all in but it was so hard with the amount of people there constantly knocking into me and pushing past. I don’t think I will ever go back but I’m glad I made it there in the first place. 

Taj Pic
Tourist Shot

Yesterday we drove to Jaipur from Agra so that we could visit a few other sites and be even bigger tourists. Jantar Mantar was one of the sites we went to and it was quite amazing. It’s the Unesco historical Astronomical Observatory in Jaipur. It has a range of different instruments used to measure the heavens. 

Jaipur Dial1
Jaipur Sundial

Later last night on our way to dinner we met a lovely boy, Dhruva who helped us explain to the tuk-tuk driver where we needed to go. As we were hopping into the tuk-tuk he invited us back to his house for chai. After dinner we stopped back at his house and met his family and had chai thanks to our Indian sim card (It has made this trip so much easier).

His grandmother runs a school on the bottom level of the house free of charge to anyone who cannot afford to go to any of the other schools in town. His grandmother and grandfather had 3 sons who all live at the house with their wives and children. 20 people in total live there. They were so lovely and definitely improved our view on what India had been. After chai one of the granddaughters drew henna on my hands while Mark went up to the rooftop. We were meant to only stay for an hour but were there for 2.5 hours. They invited us back in the morning.

We went around there at 8am this morning so that they could show us how to fly kites – after all it was the first day of the Annual Kite Flying Tournament. It was quite amazing to watch and learn and see how something so simple can still carry on with all of the younger generations. After over staying again we raced back to our hotel to meet our driver. He took us to Amer Fort and then we stopped by the Kite Flying Tournament where the day was just beginning with performances by local artists. 

mark kite jai
Mark attempting to fly a kite

We are now in the car on our way back to Delhi. A part of me is looking forward to getting to Bangkok but after meeting Dhruva a part of me wants to stay in India a while longer. I think this may happen a fair bit on our trip…

Much love, B xxx


2 Replies to “Golden Triangle”

  1. Hi Bianca and Mark – thanks for fixing up access to the blog. Photos have been amazing especially the Red Fort. What a great last section of your holiday. I loved the story of the boy and his grandmother’s school. My father was born in Calcutta and his mother ran a private school at there home for about 20 boys. Mark is starting to look like a full time tourist re hair and beard. Enjoy Thailand . Call. me when you are back temporarily in Australia. Love and Blessings Susan


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