Incredible India

1 County down. 

India has been full on. I’ve never experienced anything like it before and a part of me is happy I’ve left but another part feels like there is more to India than what we saw. The north and south parts of the country are so different to each and I definitely preferred the south to the north. The South of India was so much more laid back than the north.

India is enormous and I think you could spend weeks in India sightseeing and learning about the varied history of the country. Just as you could spend time learning about the history you could spend so much time learning about all of the different cultures within India.

The sites and some of the landscapes are truly breathtaking but while there I was often disappointed at how much rubbish and dirt there was everywhere. At the same time I was also mesmerised by the pure joy simple things such as kite flying can bring to an whole family and entire town.

I think overall India is packed full of diversity in every part of life. From the diverse history, cultures, traditions and attitudes to the jam-packed cities and wide open countryside it really is an Incredible place to experience.

Bianca Mark Taj
Such tourists with our cameras and cross body bags.

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