Oh I Am Grateful

I have been overseas before this trip. I have travelled to parts of Asia & Europe and have always gone home after each trip grateful for that first shower with clean water and that first night’s sleep in my bed.

India is different though. I have never before felt this grateful for my life back home after just a few weeks in another country. 

I’m grateful for clean water.
I’ve always known we’ve been lucky to have such great water in Melbourne. In my previous trips to Asia I’ve always drank bottled water and noticed the tap water was never as clean as back home but never have I been in a shower and thought that a weird smell was not coming in through the window but was actually the water. 

I’m grateful for Mark.
Most of the things I’ve been able to experience in my adult life is a credit to him. I’m lucky that he wakes up every morning and asks how I slept. He offers to carry one of my backpacks when we’ve been walking for a while – even though he’s already got 2 of his own. 

I’m grateful for my parents.
Speaking to our Honcho Ashu I learnt a lot about just how different life in India can be compared to life in Australia I’m grateful that my parents let me live a free life and that I’ve been able to chose my own path. 

I’m grateful for my brothers and their girlfriends. 
Recently I’ve noticed just how much unspoken respect we have for each other and how lucky we are to have this. I think this is a credit to our parents. 

I’m grateful for my job.
Not that I am still employed anywhere, but I am grateful for the job I had and the job I will hopefully have when I get back. There were so many people living on the streets here because there is no work for them. 

I’m grateful for Australia.
We’ve been asked a fair bit about how things work in Australia and when we have told people I’ve realised how great Australia is and I’ve found we almost start apologising for the opportunities we have simply from being an Australian.

B, xxx


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